Changing Your Address With the Canada Revenue Agency

Changing Your Address With the Canada Revenue Agency

Moving can be a stressful time. Packing up all your belongings and getting them and yourself, your pets, and your loved ones from your old home to your new once can try anyone's patience. As if that's not enough, you have to remember to shut off at the utilities at the place you're leaving and make sure they're connected before moving into your new digs, file changes of address for all your relevant accounts and your mail, and in short, dot every "i" and cross every "t" for what feels like a million-and-one details. If you're a resident of Canada and you're planning to move, one thing you should make a top priority is updating your address with the Canada Revenue Agency and forwarding your mail as soon as you can.

Staying on Track With NETFILE

Keeping your address up to date will ensure that you receive your income tax refund and benefit payments-including related provincial payments, such as GST/HST credit payments, universal childcare benefit payments, Canada child tax benefit payments, and working income tax benefit advance payments-without interruption.

While it would be convenient, you cannot change your address simply by using the NETFILE system to file your income taxes online. Your personal information-including any address updates-will not be passed along with your online return. Do remember, however, that you must update your address before submitting your income tax return via NETFILE if you've moved.

How to File a Change of Address

There are several ways to inform the CRA of your change of address.

  • Online: Use the My Account Tax Service.
  • By Phone: Call the Individual Income Tax Enquiries telephone service at 1-800-959-8281. The CRA recommends that before you call, you should go to Getting or changing personal tax information to find out what information you should have on hand.
  • Complete an Address Change Request Form: You can print and complete the address change request form and mail it to the appropriate tax center listed on the bottom of the form. You may fill it in online, then save it to file or print, sign it and then send it to your tax center, following the CRA instructions.
  • Write or Fax the CRA: Send a letter or fax to your CRA tax center. Include your signature, social insurance number, old and new address and the date of your move, and a completed Form RC325.

If you will be including other people in your address change request-such as your spouse, non-married partner-be sure to include the appropriate information for each person and make sure that each person also signs the letter to authorize the change.

Other CRA Updates You May Need to Make

Keeping your address information current is crucial to making sure that your dealings with the CRA flow smoothly, but moving isn't the only time you should notify the CRA when life changes occur. You must also contact the CRA when: