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The Young Turks was the name given to a group of army officers who favoured reforming the administration of the Ottoman Empire. In 1908 the group rebelled against the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid. Hamid was forced to summon a parliament in 1908. When he attempted a counter revolution in April 1909, he was deposed and exiled to Salonika. Several political parties were formed but in 1913 power was seized by the Committee of Union and Progress. This was led by three army officers from the Young Turks movement, Enver Pasha (1881-1922), Mehmed Talaat (1874-1921) and Ahmed Djemal (1872-1922). These men supported the Central Powers during the First World War but lost power when the Allies won victory in 1918.

Young Turks - History

In English vernacular, a "Young Turk" is a rebellious kind of teenager who would go against the grain. The phrase comes from insurgents in the Ottoman Empire during the late 1800s and early 1900s - 1908 marked the Young Turk Revolution.

The phrase "young turks" doesn't appear in the lyrics Stewart sings, "Young hearts be free tonight."

Stewart wrote the lyrics, but the music was composed by his drummer, Carmine Appice, and two of his keyboard players, Duane Hitchings and Kevin Savigar. Appice and Hitchings also laced the track for "D'ya Think I'm Sexy."

In a Songfacts interview, Appice said: "Rod was always trying to be on the cutting edge at that time, so we did drum machine stuff. Duane had just gotten a sequencer, so we started screwing around and came up with the chords and melodies. We presented it to Rod. This one was easy because we used the whole concept that we came up with. We just transferred it from the 8-track that Duane had going right onto the 24-track. We used the drum machine and everything. Once we gave Rod the music, he wrote the lyrics."

Hitchings told Songfacts: "I put together the whole song at my house with Carmine's help and used an Oberheim OBX-A, Oberheim DMA sequencer and the Oberheim DMX drum box. It was really one of the first one-man-band setups. We took the whole setup in the studio and recorded straight to tape. I started the idea because Devo was real big and one of my favorite groups, thus the fast pulsing synth groove. And of course Rod did a great job!! Got a bit of help with a nice instrumental line from Kevin Savigar also!"

Comments: 24

  • Joe Hatfield from West Virginny "Patti gave birth to a 10-pound baby boy!" . Flash forward two years, Patti is back on her parents' doorstep, 8 months pregnant, with a screaming toddler, a black eye, busted jaw, bad limp, and a meth problem..
  • Bb from Croatia Does anyone know the name of a guy who played Billy?
  • Barry from Sauquoit, Ny On December 26th 1981, Rod Stewart performed "Young Turks" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'.
    At the time the song was in its 2nd of three weeks at #5 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart, that was also its peak position on the chart.
  • James from Minneapolis The guy who played "Billy" in the music video also played an "after"(Hottie) in Olivia Newton-John's video for her hit "Physical"
  • Barry from Sauquoit, Ny On October 11th 1981, "Young Turks" by Rod Stewart entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #61 and on December 13th, 1981 it peaked at #5 and spent 19 weeks on the Top 100.
    It reached #1 in the Netherlands.
    Between 1971 and 1999 he had fifty-three Top 100 records sixteen made the Top 10 with four reaching #1, "Maggie May" for 5 weeks in 1971, "Tonight's the Night" for 7 weeks in 1976, "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" for 4 weeks in 1979, and "All for Love" for 3 weeks in 1994.
    Roderick David Stewart will celebrate his 70th birthday in three months on January 10th <2015> and sad to say five days later on January 15 I will also turn 70 years old .
  • Jeff from Kingston, Tn I am glad we cleared up the English slang for the word. I know the song is about taking advantage of being young. I was wondering how the Ottoman Empire was working into this song.
  • Michael from Glen Burnie Md, Md The Santa Fe Grill, where Tommy comes out of the second story window and climbs down the fire escape, is still there at the corner of 7th and Santa Fe (693 South Santa Fe Avenue is the address displayed by Bing Maps) in Los Angeles it doesn't say "Santa Fe Grill" anymore and the electric/ neon signs are all different, but brick pillar in front of the building is still there and the decorative brick banding near the roof indicate this is definitely the same building. The hotel is still there, too, at 607 S. Spring Street. Shown as "Hotel Hayward"in the video, it's now "Hayward Hotel International".
  • Greg from New York City, Ny Rod got the phrase "Young Turks" reading an article that said, "All the young turks where lined up around the block. " I guess he just liked that phrase. I would imagine the guitars are Jim Cregan & Robin LeMusier(sp) Perhaps Wally Stocker?
  • Thomas Leonard from Pittsburgh, Pa, Pa American Idol Taylor Hicks covered this song on his US tour in 2006-07.
  • Kilroy from Gdl, Mexico these lines are very deep
    Because life is so brief and time is a thief when you're undecided.

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Main Contents

Sabbatai Zvi proclaims himself the Jewish Messiah

in Salonica. He leads thousands of Jewish followers on an exodus to Palestine. On the way Zvi becomes a Muslim. His followers saw this as God’s plan and also become Muslims.

The Crypto Jews Called “Donmeh”

In 1716 a group called the “Donmeh” forms in Salonica
headed by Sabbatai Zvi’s successor, Baruchya Russo.

In 1900 the Donmeh numbers over 100,000. Known as “Crypto Jews,” they appear to be Muslims, but were Jews.

The Young Turks Are Formed

In 1891 a political group from the Donmeh forms

called The Committee of Union and Progress,

later called The Young Turks.

The group is headed by Freemason Jew

Emmanuel Carrusso with the help of the Rothschilds.

Congress Of Young Turks

meet in Paris to plan the

penetration of the Sultan’s

army leading to the military

Depose The Sultan

In 1908 the Jewish Young Turks revolt and force the Sultan Abdül Hamid II into submission.

Instigating WW I

In 1914 the Jewish Young Turks bolster

the paid assassin Gavrilo Princep

In 1915 The Armenian Holocaust engineered by the Jewish Young Turks leaves 1.5 million Armenian Christians murdered.

Mustafa Kemal Ascends To Rule Turkey

In 1918 Jew Mustafa Kemal “Attaturk” ascends into leadership.

Jewish Bolsheviks Supply The Young Turks

In 1920 the Russian Jewish Bolsheviks

supply Attaturk with 10 million gold roubles,

45,000 rifles, and 300 machine guns.

In 1921 Attaturk occupies the Port of Baku ceding it to the Jewish Bolsheviks five days later. The Rothschilds are delighted as they now have their Baku Oil Company in Jewish Bolshevik territory.

The Burning Of Smyrna: In 1922 Jewish Khemalists orchestrate the burning of Smyrna resulting in 100,000 Christians tortured, starved, raped, and dead.

Who Were The Jewish Young Turks?

Talaat Pasha: A “Donmeh” Jew. Interior Minister of Turkey during WW I. Chief architect of the Armenian Holocaust.

Djavid Bey: “Donmeh Jew.” Talaat’s Finance Minister.

Messim Russo: Assistant to Djavid Bey.

Refik Bey: Editor of Young Turk newspaper Revolutionary Press Prime Minister of Turkey in 1939.

Emanuel Qrasow: Jewish propagandist for The Jewish Young Turks.

Vladimir Jabotinsky: Russian Bolshevik who moved to Turkey in 1908. Editor of the newspaper Young Turk.

Alexander Helphand: Liaison of the Rothschilds. Editor of The Turkish Homeland.

Mustafa Kemal Attaturk: A Jew of Sephardic origin. Attaturk attended the Jewish Elementary school known as the Semsi Effendi School run by the Jew Simon Zvi.

CLICK: Brother Nathanael! Street Evangelist!

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Or Send Your Contribution To:
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E-mail: [email protected]

Brother Nathanael @ January 1, 2008


I read that Attaturk planned to shut down the Lodges in Turkey. For this he was slow poisoned. Any truth in this?

It is now a criminal offense in Turkey to call the Armenian genocide a genocide.

The Anointed Victim Monopoly will certainly be behind this law.

Armenia”s new president, Serzh Sarksyan (recently sworn in) has declared on Armenia’s Genocide Day that his government will be committed to seeking justice for the 1.5 million Armenians killed 1915 - 1923 by Ottoman Turks. Yerevan claims this was a genocide and wants the world to reconize these killings as a genocide.

“As a result of the genocide that was planned and carried out by the state in Ottoman Turkey, a vast number of Armenians were annihilated on their native land and lost their living space.”

Ankara views this event as

“large numbers of both Christian Armenians and Muslim Turks were killed during the violent and choatic break-up of the Ottoman Empire.” They are adamantly opposed to the Armenian Genocide Day and deny there was any intention to systematically destroy the Christians and despoil them of their land.

If you believe that one, then let me tell you about the guy in the cave who brought down the Twin Towers.

Reuters, U.K. “Armenia to step up ‘genocide’ recognition drive” by Hasmik Mkrtchyan. Guy Falconbridge reporting for Reuters. Thu April 24, 2008. 2:20 BST.

I just finished watching a 60 minute documentary about the Armenian Genocide. Not once was the word ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewish’ EVER mentioned! It is quite obvious that the media REALLY does not want us knowing the truth - that Jews wre, once again, behind the mass killings of White-European Christians, just like they are to this present day, ie: the Orwellian named ‘War on Terror’.

earthquakes are taking place in the Turkish Republic.

tha AKP party who had last summer their second mandate (48% of the votes)to rule Turkey as a one party government, are continuing to change secretly this un-Turkish Republic. (The top AKP are the ideological children of Fetullah Gulen, chosen by ‘Foreign Policy magazine’ in the top 100 of most intelectual persons in the world. very interesting person)
This is not so simple done of course. The first thing to do is to change the constitution. They are on the right way to accomplish this (see the actual political happenings). By changing the constitution, taking over of the milatary who is still in the hand of the old (jewish) establishment.
After this, they need to reshape the minds of the people who has been brainwashed.

After the crypto-jews annihilated the Otman Empire and started the Turkish Republic they had to eliminate the enemies.
The first problem they handeld was the Armenian people because they were a thraet to them, economicaly and intelectually.
The biggest threat was the faith and the nostalgi of the GREAT OTMAN EMPIRE. To face this threat they eliminated all the hocas(islamic priests) who had big influence on the people and who understood already the plan of the donmehs(crypto-jews), they abolished the Caliphat, the Arabic alphabet, they forced us a new dressingcode(in my own village the army checked all the houses and took away the Otman clothes and burned it, probably this was done in whole Turkey) and then installed a laic state with nationalism as the highest standart(a slogan from jewish’ataturk’ and still frequently used ‘ne mutlu Turkum diyene”proud to be a Turk). Untill this day at every school at Monday morning and Friday afternoon the National Hymn is played, heroic military accomplishments and with our heroic leader ‘ataturk’ are told to the children over and over again, every where you will find a photo or statue of jewish’ataturk’. WE ARE SO BRAINWASHED. After being brainwashed completely they said to us that our ‘great’ army is the protecter of our ‘great’ nation. And so we accepted that the army stands above the politics.(another frequently used slogan ‘en buyuk asker, bizim asker”the biggest army is our army’). But what we did not understood was that the army(we Turkish people) is not protecting ourselves but the evil system of the ‘donmehs’.

Changing the education system and so Reshaping the minds of millions of Turks who aren’t so lucky as me to see the Truth. This is the next stage for the AKP rulers. This will take over 2 or 3 generations (40 years)and then we Turkish can leave this ‘mind’occupation by the crypto-jews. And take control of our own future.

Thank you for your observations and historical review.

Turkey prior to the 16th Century was still, at least in consciousness, Orthodox Christian Byzantine. That is why many still were Orthodox Christians, yet pretended to be Muslims.

Turks are a racially mixed people today, some light skinned, some Mongol appearing, and some, in between. The whites are of “Roman” stock, and have Christian ancestry.

Or they were Slavs, and of course, Orthodox Christians, who migrated South.

It is my prayer and hope that someday, hopefully soon, Turkey will return to its Orthodox Christtian Byzantin roots, and that Christianity will again flourish in the region. +Brother Nathanael Kapner

In one of your comments you quote the number of jews in usa
7 mil. Sorry but in ny city there are 3 mil jews, in ny state close to 9 mil or more. what do you think?

Ataturk closed down the masonic lodges, he also had his finance minister Djavid Bey hanged. Many prominent Jews from all over the world appealed to have Djavid spared, but Ataturk refused.

This isn’t at all surprising.

The most important of these movements is currently in Saudi Arabia. The Al-Saud family has been traced back to a Basra, Iraqi Jewish bloodline. The man who sourced this information by visiting with tribesmen and comparing notes on notable men and family trees, was executed by the Al-Sauds a year later for being an enemy of the state.

This concept of “Crypto Jew” is interesting because according to this, the ruling families of Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait (which are all related) are all Jews running the oil business for Shell (Rothschild/Queen Beatrice), BP (Queen E2), and Exxon (Rockefeller) in a land that is historically full of Muslims.

It all pieces together as all these phenomena began in the mid to late 1700s all of a sudden.

Could please tell me any information about:

The plans of the new -Jew origin (Mineiko) Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou about a new trans - Balkan organisation based in South-East Europe?

Is it true that Jews intend to found a new Jewish state in Balkans based in so-called “Macedonia” with Greek Salonica as its capital city?

Bear in mind that Salonica was the one of the major Jewish centers in Europe till WWII and born city of Zionist Jew Kemal Ataturk.

Israel will pay its crimes.

From now on, Israeli ships in the Mediterranean will be targeted by Arabs, Turks and Iranians along with true Christians who know that Jesus Christ was killed by Jews!

The state of Israel will be destroyed within years! You won’t want to live there!

Hitler’s Israel will pay. They are used to paying. They paid Hitler too!

After reading this article some things make more sense.

It seems to me that it was Rothschilds who were standing behind plans to weaken Turkey as a state through Jewish organisations (aka Young Turks) and thus weaken Turkish rule over Palestine.

All this was being done in preparations to create Israeli state WW1 was ignited to destroy Ottoman empire, and WW2 to create sense of guilt/sympathy (Holocaust) for newly created Israeli state.

Really clever people those Jews are.

Yes, what Br. Nathanael says about the crypto-Jewish domination of Turkey is TRUE.

Yes, Ata Turk was a Jew, in fact, so many knowledgeable Muslims around the world, among traditional religious circle know for a fact that Ata Turk was a Jew, who destroyed Turkey, killing both Muslims and Christians.

But many people do not know that Turks are the pride of Islam. We have thousands and thousands of traditional treasures, schools, and lineages of scholarship in the Islamic faith extending from China to Morocco. We do have Turkish minorities following other sects, and even some Turks who are Christians. Yes, Turkish Christians.

I don’t agree with the statement that we are hidden Christians. We are Muslims. We follow the Sunni faith and Hanafi jurisprudence, and follow the islamic spiritual [Sufi] orders [who converted the vast majority of us to Islam from Orthodox Christianity, not the caliphs].

However, half the caliphs were pious, islamic law abiding Sufis, who helped in the spread of Islam through the Muslim saints.

This is our tradition. We know our tradition, and our holy sites within Turkey, THERE ARE QUITE MANY. They dot the country side. Millions of Turks are enrolled in them.

In one site alone within Istanbul we have around 2 million members. We all know about the crypto Jews.

Sultan Abdel Hamid, our last Sultan, was a Sufi Shadhili of the Shadhili Order of the Great Muslim saint buried in Upper Egypt Abul Hasan al-Shadhili.

I appreciate Br. Nathanael’s exposing the truth about the Turkish army and the so called atheist bastards — all Young Turks, but we Turks are Muslims. W

I would also like to point out that we Muslims protected the Christians and Jews within the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years.

There were bad caliphs who persecuted Christians, but it was a rare phenonmenon, unlike Islamic Spain, where the Muslim population was exterminated. Turkey was almost like 1/4th Christian even after 800 years of Islamic Rule.

Millions upon Millions of Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Aramaen Orthodox, Jews, and other Christians lived THROUGHOUT Turkey, from East to West.

It is only with the advent of Ata Turk the Jew, that our brothers the Christians, who were an integral part of our life, in our economy, in our society, in our lives, were killed, maimed, and tortured. The Armenians were craftsmen and businessmen, the backbone of the economy in so many regions all the way to the Balkans!

Yet, it is a fact that it is Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine who gave refuge in mass to the fleeing Christians.

I would also like to point that the Kurds are demonized. But they should not be, even though they were the prime hand in conducting the Armenian genocide.

Most of the Kurds are good people, excellent people, tolerant people. It is a fact that Kurds lived side by side with millions of Christians in northern Iraq, and Syria, Chaldeans especially in areas such as Mosul.

The Kurds are also vastly in majority Sunni Muslim though of the Shafii law, and many are Spiritual leaders in Eastern Turkey for both Turks and Kurds. The Kurds form the highest ranks of the Muslim clergy in much of the Levant [Syria, Lebanon, Jordan].

You can say, that just as the Germans were used to kill the Russians by the Zionists, the Kurds were used to kill the Armenians. Its just that the Kurds were Muslim and Armenians Christians.

Also, in Eastern Turkey, many Kurds and Turks, infact millions, know that their ancestory is Armenian.

It’s sad that so many Armenian’s were killed.

I was told that it was done because Armenians were the Jews intellectual rivals, They’re as smart, if not smarter than the Jews, and the Jews felt threatened by them.

It’s sad that the Turkish Muslims are unaware of this, and fail to see this truth. The Armenians were nothing but good for the Ottomans, they were the smartest group of law abiding citizens and intellectuals in the Ottoman Empire, and they were disasterously killed.

I have two Armenian people I know, and they absolutely hate Muslims. This makes me really sad, and I don’t want to patronise them and tell them “it wasn’t Muslims, but the Jews who did it”, it sounds so insensitive and patronising to say something like that.

Anyway, I wanted to ask, what do you think of Turkey’s move towards real secularism, loosening the grip from the military, and the current Erdogan government.

History tells us that when the Freemasons get into power they never leave. Do you think Erdogan is a Freemason? And the loosening of military power, do you think this is just for show? Or is there substance behind it?

In future articles, please mention more about the Byzantine Greeks.

The Armenians and Byzantines were two distinct people who suffered under Turkey.

The world also doesn’t realize that until the Wescott and Hort text was devised, the world used the Byzantine Greek New Testament to translate from.

A lot is owed to the Byzantine Greeks.

I think it is your will to take a honorably won victory from Turkish to gave it to Jews.

1) Talaat, Djavid, Mustafa Kemal you mentioned were not Jews. Djavid Bey was an atheist and Balfour wanted to hang up him. He had to flee France by via of his friends in France.

Balfour wanted to hang up him also means Zionist and whole Jewish world wanted to hang up him. And yes it is true if we looked at hatred among Zionist and Jewish leaders against Turks and unfortunately Armenian genocide fairy tale writer Henry Morgenthau is not a exception.

Henry wanted Turks to be massacred and given their country to British as having Armenian, Greek, Kurdish colonies on it as an army campaignment against freedom lover majority Turks to get Israel.

2)It is clear that Jews of that time whom trusted that they could massacre whole Muslims, and especially Turks gave a promise to Armenians, but the other hole they dug in Russia made their plans fail. So it had been a disaster for Armenians who trusted to Jews and took part in Russian army.

Unlike Russians, Turks had survived from that great chaos created by Jews and that miracle is called as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who had shined during Gallipoli wars. And I think their hatred towards Turkey and Turkish nation came during those years as nation who is not wrecked by Jews.

Ataturk also closed Jewish masonic lodges and is not known well for Jews in Turkey also. Jews like Islamist jihadists more than Ataturk in Turkey.

3) Henry Morgenthau and another Turk hater, Rabbi Stephen Wise should had been very upset the fact that Turks had been more clever than them.

Poor Wilson, he could not help British to crush Germany’s ally, Turkey, for a Zionist gain in Palestine. poor man!

Everybody should know that Armenians rebelled and joined the ranks of the invading Russian Army fighting against us.

Wearing Russian uniforms they betrayed the Turks who had lived with them peacefully for centuries and hit them in the back.

So it was just for Turks to move Armenian population to other locations for strategic reasons.

Turkey was fighting for its survival. It was being constantly attacked and invaded from all sides. Everyone should understand this.

Also it is a fact that you should admit the Armenians committed many atrocities against Turkish population together with the advancing and invading armies.

But for you Christians and Westerners, Armenian blood is much more precious Than Turkish Muslim blood. So you are completely biased against Turks in favor of the Armenians in this issue.

I suggest you to be more objective in this matter. Admit the fact that both sides suffered and must repent and apologize each other for what they did.

People, truth means nothing with today’s media.

Force is all they will understand. FORCE. You better wake up.

These are some evil bastards who want everything for themselves and nothing for anyone else.

Google or YouTube what Benjamin Franklin said about the Jews in America. Come on. Do it.

G. Washington said virtually the same.

Are you more wise, honest or experienced than they? No doubt you think you are.

Coprolites aka Mossad “by way of deception (trickery) thou shalt make war.”

The Jews are psychotics on steroids. Jews are rogues and cheats. Jews are reptilians, neanderthal. What is the essential trait of the Jew?….practicality,self interest.

What is the culture of the Jew?…Haggling. What is his god?….money. The Jew “philosopher” Spinoza said”: “What we require is simple: that we monopolize everything necessary for our own good.”

The Talmud is pornographic. The Jews are diabolical, unethical, ignoble, unconscionable, dishonourable, dastardly tyrants, soulless vampires. All Jews are teppich fresser.

Is-ra-hell terror, Zionist corruption, pornographic media, poison drugs, bad doctors, robot lawyers, phony schools, pervert rabbis: the Hebrew/Ashkenazim legacy seems all about robbers and killers and a lack of conscience. JULIUS STREIKER LIVES.

Watch on YouTube - Mossad caught in van on 9-11 “filled with explosives” at George Washington Bridge. I PROMISE YOU’LL BE AMAZED.

Hey Brother Nat. I like your work. Are you an honest man? Are you controlled op?

What do you think about the fact that G. Bush’s cousin Dorothy’s husband leased all 8 floors in the 1st tower and Brenner leased them in the 2nd tower. Explosions, not planes hitting. A bird will make a 8ft. gash in a plane in flight yet the aluminum can will plow through in the “nose out” proof of 100% Zionist media involvement.

The 911 treachery will be avenged. They must be sicker than I thought to think it’s over. As Iron Mike Ditka would say, “Hey! This thing ain’t over yet!”

By the way Bro Nat, the same players just bought the next target, Chicago complex. They have their Zionist judges in place. Lights camera….thermite? Hahaha.

Love to you and yours from me and mine.

Look at these sites for more info about Gladio (Ergenekon) in Turkey. (Counter-Guerilla, Masonic Organizations just like Italy)

Ergenekon (Kemalist organization) was exposed with Erdogan government’s workings. Their future plans were exposed, too.

Assassinations of non-Muslims were a part of their plans. They did some important assassinations in recent history (i.e Prime Minister Adnan Menderes in 1960, p.m. Turgut Özal 1993, general Eşref Bitlis 1993 All of them were democratic like J. F. Kennedy, and most people loved them.

AKP government struggle continues with these secret societies.

I think we need Muslim-Christian unity against Zionism and Judeo-masonry. Sorry for my english Peace be with you.

Armenians were Called El Emin = Trustful or trustworthy people.

Zionists did not like that. They were jealous of Armenians, so they killed them.

Now they are doing the same thing to Muslim people in America.

1. There were NOWHERE near 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

700 000 survived according to the Armenian convention in France right after 1915. And over 100 000 stayed in Turkey (only the eastern borders were deported because they were cooperating with the Russians, rebelling, massacring whole villages to create an ethnically pure “greater Armenia” something they still want, just look at their national Symbol. It’s a mountain in East Turkey)

The death toll is probably around 300 000, 90% who died of starvation or disease. The same starvation and disease nearly 2 million Ottoman Muslim died of.

2. HOW EXACTLY did 100 000 Christians get raped, massacred etc. in Izmir while by the time Kemal’s Army came the city, it was already burning and the Greeks fleeing (there where nearly no Greeks left, most of them fled with the Greek Army invasion, which BTW used the SCORCHED earth tactics EVERYWHERE they had to retreat. Isn’t it far more logical that retreating Greeks set fire to the Greek quarters so the Turks wouldn’t get their hands on their possessions, homes etc?

THINK ABOUT IT. The Turkish Army had not arrived yet, and the Greeks were mass retreating. THE CITY WAS OURS, why would we burn our OWN property? It’s retarded. Also no one was raping/massacring anyone. This is just ridiculous ..

Just one of the EYE witnesses:

Paul Grescovich, the commander of the Smyrna Insurance Company Fire Brigade, seen by Prentiss as “a thoroughly reliable witness,” wrote a report putting the blame on Greeks and Armenians, stating especially that “his own firemen, as well as Turkish guards, had shot down many Armenian young men disguised either as woman or as Turkish irregular soldiers, who were caught setting fires during Tuesday night [12 Sept.] and Wednesday [Sept 13th] morning.”

I would like to ask my fellow Turks NOT to put gasoline on a fire.

Truth is Armenians back stabbed us, even though they where treated better then ANY minority in the empire, and they DESERVED to be deported, and really I couldn’t care less. They should worry about their own country with no electricity and running water instead of something that “supposedly” happened 100 years ago in OTTOMAN Anatolia NOT in the Turkish Republic.

That said, there definitely were Jews in the Young Turks movement. But they could not control it. The Turkish nationalists soon understood the alternative motives of Jews in the movement.

On a side note, the Armenian deportations were not planned. It was the last thing they needed while fighting enemies on 7 fronts, with no sufficient supplies, ammo, weapons, food, water OR man power (every man/boy more correctly KID over 45 kilo’s had to join the army)

Ataturk was NOT a Jew, he was Yoruk Turk. His mother was a devout Muslim and even wanted him to become a man of faith. But he rather studied in a liberal school, so he secretly enrolled with his father (without his mother knowing). The school had a Jewish head master, but wasn’t a “Jewish” school or a school exclusively for Jews.

And YES Ataturk DID close ALL masonic lodges. (Unfortunately they reopened after he died). HE never was a MASON. Ironically many Ottoman generals, and Royals were actually Masons.

Тake off your rose-colored glasses! And you can suddenly lose family and loved ones, and find yourself in a vacuum.

Do not try, then, to understand the possible causes of distress and accept as granted. Remember your calculations.

Turkey has no future, if there are a lot of Suleyman. Electricity and running water can be repaired anywhere, even in Turkey, but what to do with you?

Perhaps something should happen to stop you being rude.

You, Turks, carry destruction and misery, beginning from Byzantium. Just remember the history. Shame and dishonor!

Sooner or later you will lose the right to be rude, civilized world can not long endure.

Lol, funny how Turks show up at the last minute pleading their BS!?

The World KNOWS what the Turks did to the Armenians, and I hear it was close to 3 million dead..

I heard one testimony that the Turks would cut off the Armenians head, women and children, make wooden crosses and shove the head on the cross and laugh out loud yelling “WHERE IS YOUR JESUS NOW, HOW COME HE IS NOT HERE TO SAVE YOU?” laughing out loud.

Why always Turks gets to blame, poor Jews and others always innocent and Turks are barbaric etc.

Commentators like Rob, Alkimik: You lot clearly some reason hate Turks because your family done by Turks or something!!

I would say UK and Israel are the biggest bastards in this whole world - they are nothing but trouble, blood thirsty vampires.

Turkey’s future is very bright and you know it! Have a look their economy (just google it).

EU and UK f*****d up. You lot are just jealous and keep bitching.

Br Nathanael, thank you for spreading truth. I am a Muslim, and I hate how many of our own kind condone such genocide.

God forbids murder, he said through Moses and Jesus.

This is the Hegel’s dialect in great work. Make a problem, make a reaction, and finally create a solution. This is the Zionist way of doing their terror.

No Muslim is allowed to harm anyone, even if he was a disbeliever.

Every Believer In the Maker should all unite against the NWO and the Zionist Conspiracy. But unfortunatley the Muslims are in a very bad and divided situation. Muslims should surrender to the Lord and to His divine peace, not to pseudo-Salafi terror doctrine (made by Zionists).

Peace, Love and Sincerety to you my friend.
Erduvan a avid reader and friend of Dr Henry Makow

The Turks have cause uncounted atrocities throughout the centuries. Starting before the 1453 rape of Constantinople, to the burning of Smyrna and the Armenian genocide, to the modern era with the invasion of Cyprus and the attacks against the Kurds.

The Turks have angered the heavenly powers, St. Cosmas the Aitolos said Turkey would be destroyed as a nation. Elder Paisios gave even more details about the end of Turkey. We just have to be patient it will come soon.

The Jews rejected Jesus Christ and his Heavenly Father, doing so they embraced the evil one. The Jews will be given ultimate power, here on Earth: to conquer, to decieve, to rule.

Their actions will bring the Anti-Christ, a conquerer worthy of their ambitions, the Devil himself. In the end they may rule the whole world, but they will have lost their souls.

In the next life, the one that matters, they will find themselves in Eternal punishment for their lack of faith, and their hatred of Him that was begotten of the Father before all ages.

Here are the facts, in short:

1. You do not necessarily become a Jew, if you are born into a Jewish neighborhood.

2. If Atatürk was a Zionist, why the fight against the Zionist powers, what was the point? do not be silly.

3. İzmir (Smyrna) was burned by escaping Greek army cowards who could not invade with that much UK help ahahhaaa.

4. Zionists and Christians love to blame Atatürk, as he has wrecked your plans every time. We are aware of your futile attempts, and your defense time approaches…

5. Armenians and Russians killed many Ottoman villagers while Ottoman army was kept busy with wars. Turks have the right to blame, not to be blamed.

Modern Turkey and Azerbaijan are criminal countries occupied by Turkic mongoloids that originated in central to east Asia not Asia Minor.

The Turks, meaning Turkey/Azerbaijan, are driving truck loads of heroin through out the region in order to fund terrorism off the record.

This cash based drug profits are used to recruit and train terrorist units in Azerbaijan then funds their transportation into Turkey where they are given bases outfits gear weapons supplies etc.

Turkish military shells Syria to create a diversion so the Azeri terrorists can infiltrate Syria and attack Christians and Armenian villages.

Turkey and Azerbaijan are currently running large scale drills preparing to invade and destroy the remaining piece of land of the Armenians. Israel, Turkey and Azerbaijan have intimate business energy and military relations because they are all Turkic demons.

Those so called Jews in Israel are mostly of Turkic Khazar stock according to the DNA study in Israel by a Jewish Dr.

Pan-Turkism preceded Nazism and has never been truly punished by the Zio Dominated “International Community.”

Soon the land will vomit you out.

You should also write a text about the Jewish background behind the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans.

Talk About the Ultimate Hypocrites — It is Okay to Deny any Holocaust Except “The Special One”.

Selective outrage and Selective consideration. Well THANK YOU for this perfect illustration of Jews’ hypocrisy and duplicity. Whenever I hear whining about “holocaust denial” I will show people what it is:

US Jewish group retracts stance on Armenian genocide AFP and EJP 25/Aug/2007

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Prime Minister:”With this statement, they have retracted their previous erroneous step.”

ANKARA (AFP-EJP)—A prominent US Jewish advocacy group has retracted its decision to call the mass killings of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire a genocide, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday.

“The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) has sent us a statement sharing our sensitivity on this issue,” Erdogan was quoted by the Anatolia news agency as saying.
“With this statement, they have retracted their previous erroneous step.”

The ADL unleashed anger in Turkey this week when it said in a written statement that it had changed its position on the Armenian massacres after consultations with experts.
But in a separate statement on Thursday the group was more circumspect on the World War I events.

“Although independent scholars may have reached a consensus about the genocide, in an effort to help accomplish the reconciliation (between Turkey and Armenia) there is room for further dispassionate scholarly examination of the details of those dark and terrible days,” the second statement read.

MAKE the TURKS take the Khardasians BACK ……..

The Bolsheviks did not re-introduce gold (zolotom) rubles until 1923.

If gold rubles were paid to Turkey in 1920 they must have been Imperial (Tzarist) coins, or foreign currency with that stated (equivalent) value.

The Turks came to live in Greek and Armenian lands called Anatoly. Now call it Turkia.

All archeological surroundings are from Greeks and Roman. Get the story right. Your people came from Mongolia and north China and invaded the land of the Christian Orthodox, Armenians and Greeks. if you are from Pontos and Christian, I guess crypto-Christian? I believe you are from Greek Blood.

Most Turkish Christians are Greeks! Greeks who refused to leave their land when the Turks invaded Anatoly. Greeks who were forced by the Turks to be converted to Muslims in Turkia.

The Antichrist will come from Turkia and he will be a Jew!

We together will defeat this Rothschild entity Israel.

You are the true people of the book!

These so called fake Jews and Christians (evangelicals) have been corrupted.

Truth, justice and Good will prevail over this evil.

I am Muslim and I stand with my true Christian brothers and sisters.

As a Christian, I am happy to read those messages where Muslims consider Christians their brothers.

That’s the way it should be.

Unsurprisingly, Muslims and Christians lived in perfect harmony in the Holy Land until the Zionists showed up.

The crytpo Jews were smart.

They knew that the bloodlust and murderous nature of the Turk and Kurd could easily be channeled to steal, kill and destroy the most productive citizens of the Ottoman Empire — the Christian Armenians.

Satan was very pleased. At Christ’s return this murderous and sadistic scum will be raised from the dead and thrown in the lake of fire.

People forget that at the turn of the century most of the jews in Ottoman Turkey were Spanish Jews who had fled the Spanish Inquisition and who never forgot what the Catholics had done to them.

In the chaos of the dying days of the Ottoman Empire, they found their chance to take their revenge on the nearest Christians they could find.

Russia was tricked into the war by the British and with the Armenians they attacked the wounded beast. The jews (crypto-Muslims) got their chance and were brutal, the Christians saw them as Muslims and returned the brutality on Muslims and that how genocides start.

These hidden Jewish hands started religious killings between Hindus and Muslims at the time of partition of India for example. Kill a Muslim here, rape a Hindu there and then there is no stopping the carnage.

Same thing happened in Iraq, in Syria, and Libya (They tried fight blacks against none blacks in Libya), the rest is history. Shia against Sunni, northerners Persian speakers against the Pakhtuns in Afghanistan. Arabs against non-Arabs, Turks against Kurd, Christians against Muslims (Lebanon).

And now I am afraid they will pit blacks against whites in the US, and there seems to be no way to stop the madness which will definitely break the nation.

This is all true but let’s not ignore the fact that Muslims fought many wars against Christians on their own, although they were often backed by Jews, it was not Jews who started them.

The “Islamic Golden Age” is a myth — all they did was violently take over Byzantine and Persian civilization and claim it as their own. Same goes for their Spanish Caliphate of Cordoba, Spain already had Carthaginian, Roman, Celtic and Visigothic civilization before the Muslims (who were helped by the Jews) took it over.

All of their famed Andalusian Arabic science, math and architecture was copied from earlier pagan and Catholic civilizations like Greece and Rome, even Egypt and Babylon in some cases.

Sure there are good Muslim rulers like Assad who are fighting the NWO and protecting Christians, and a few Muslims do seem to be on our side but there are not that many.

My point is, both Islam and Judaism are evil religions and their followers want us to submit to their rule. But I know it will NEVER happen because Jesus is GOD and he will save us!

Young Turks - History

Scholar Taner Akçam describes the Young Turks’ rise to power in the Ottoman Empire and their policies that led to the Armenian Genocide.



School Subject

Scope and Sequence

Transcript (Text)

By the 1890s, the once massive and dominant Ottoman Empire was racked by internal unrest. Many groups, including Armenians and Turks, called for change. One group to emerge was a faction within the reformist Committee of Union and Progress Party, or CUP. This faction was known as the Young Turks.

On July 24, 1908, the Young Turks and the CUP successfully overthrew the Sultan and took control of the Ottoman government. Many Armenians supported this shift, because the Young Turks promised equality for all groups within the empire, including Armenians.

Reforms meant, very simple, participation of Armenians in the administration, in the police, in the security forces, and allowing Armenians free in the education. And then, total equality. For example, acceptance Armenian testimonies in Islam, Muslim courts also, and so on and so forth.

And Armenians, through their revolutionary organization, Armenian Revolutionary Federation, ARF, they were part of Ottoman government also. So they were in a strategic alliance with Union and Progress Party.

Both party, for example, beginning of 1909, established a joint committee and the task of this committee was to implement reforms. And this committee went to Eastern Anatolia, prepared the report on what the reforms should be and so on and so forth. But these reforms never realized.

The Young Turks came to power with a promise of equality for all. However, tensions continued within the empire, as former supporters of the Sultan rebelled in a violent backlash against Armenian equality. Problems continued with a series of conflicts in the Balkans that resulted in the Ottoman Empire losing its non-Turkish, non-Muslim populations in the region, as well as much of its territory. These conflicts came to a head in the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913.

Balkan War 1913 was a really important turning point. Ottomans lost, within one week, approximately 80% of their European population and maybe more than 60% of their European landholding. It was a big shock for them to lose these territories within one week.

And another important information to understand the shock that it created, they actually—the ruling elite of Union and Progress Party—they actually lost their birthplaces. They were all coming from Balkan.

And this was really very difficult to digest. And I think—I say, I think, because we don't know any evidence that they decided, you know what? This is it. We cannot live with these Christians in this country together.

In 1913, Young Turks Mehmed Talaat, Ahmed Djemal, and Ismail Enver organized a military coup and formed a coalition of ultranationalists who believed that the only way to hold on to the empire was to embrace a radical ideology of ethnic resettlement, deportation, and eventually, genocide.

It was the end of the policy of unity of the subject people within the empire. So then, they openly declared their Turk-ism. Turkish nationalism became official party policy. And then, they started to develop certain plans for Anatolia.

They started implementing a policy, which I call homogenization of Anatolia. The purpose was to get rid of the Christians out of Anatolia.

During that time, there were approximately two and a half million or three million Greeks and around 1.8 million Armenians. And according to these plans, first, they targeted Greek population on the Aegean coast.

The outbreak of World War I in the summer of 1914 provided the Young Turks with the perfect cover to carry out their murderous plans.

Ottoman government established a secret organization within Defense Ministry. And this special organization attacked the Greek villages on the coastal area. But the main purpose was not extermination. To create fear and to empty the Greek religious and to push the Greek people on the shores, so that they should leave Anatolia. And Ottoman government's official policy was, we don't have anything to do with it.

And it stopped 1st November 1914, emptying of the Greek villages. The reason was Germany. German government asked Turkey to stop this forcible expulsion policy. Because they were hoping to get Greece on their side during the First World War. And Ottomans obeyed the German demand. And 1st November 1914, deportation of Greeks stopped.

Then, Armenians started, also, asking reforms, encouraged by Balkan countries. Ottomans never wanted to implement this reform. This is the reason why they entered the World War I. This was the reason why they canceled, immediately, this reform agreement when they entered the war, November 1914.

During the war, the Ottomans' greatest fear was losing the mostly Armenian region of Eastern Anatolia to the Russians, who would, they feared, invariably support Armenian reforms.

When Russia invades this area, they would implement the reform plan. We will lose these territories. Instead of losing this territory, let's get rid of the Armenians and we can secure this land. This is what happened.

They emptied the entire territory of Armenians. They destroyed the Armenian communities, exterminated them. And this is one of the central reasons why Turkey denies today the Armenian Genocide, because we basically built our nation-state on that genocide.

Genocide was not only as a response to the war, or was not only a plan to destroy the Armenian communities.

Their main goal was to create a country that consists of Muslim Turkic majority. And how you get Muslim Turkic majority? You can develop these on two ways. Number one, you get rid of the Christians, by massacres or expelling. The second way of homogenization is assimilation. You can assimilate them. But you can assimilate people and groups only if they come a certain level.

The ruling elite of Union and Progress Party developed a plan, saying that Christians and non-Turkish elements should not exceed, in certain areas, 10% of the population. This is their governability threshold.

So throughout this period, the genocidal period, they implement both policy—physical examination and assimilation, hand in hand. And their purpose was to reduce the Armenian numbers as much as possible so that they should never raise their demands again.

The Muslim population of the area, the resettlement area, with a very generous estimate, were around 1.8 to 2 million. And the total number of Armenians that had to be deported were around 1.3 million. And you have to make 1.3 million 10% of 2 million. So this means, you have to really find a way that reduce Armenian number from 1.3 million all the way down to 1.8 or 200,000. And this is really, at the end, the number of surviving Armenians.

Young Turks - History

Dr. Richard Hovannisian, professor of Near Eastern Studies at UCLA, speaks about the radicalization of the Young Turks in the Ottoman Empire from 1908-1914.



School Subject

Scope and Sequence

Transcript (Text)

When the Young Turk Revolution took place in the spring of 1908, there was universal celebration among all the minority populations of the Empire. And indeed, it was celebrated around the world by the liberal press as having brought an end to the regime of the Bloody Sultan who was Abdul Hamid II, ushering in a new phase of liberty, equality for all the populations of the Ottoman Empire. But that revolution quickly went sour, in part, because of the European powers that took advantage of this moment to get more.

Austria, which had been occupying the region of Bosnia since 1878, then decided just to annex it outright. Bulgaria, which had been autonomous—that is self-governing but not fully independent—declared the independence of its country in 1908. The large island of Crete, which was largely Greek, declared its union with the motherland as it called it, the island of there. And ultimately, the Italians wanted something and so they landed in Libya, or Tripoli, as it was known at the time. So the European powers are all doing something.

And on top of that, then in 1912 as war clouds begin to gather in Europe, the Russians then raise, once again, the Armenian question and reforms for the Armenian Christian minority, which is being persecuted by the Kurds and others. There is an enormous absence of security of life and property, the abduction of girls, and so forth and demands for reforms. And the Russians, for their own purposes, sort of pick up that campaign.

And all of these allow, therefore, this extreme wing of the Young Turks—who had never really embraced the ideas of equality, even though it was in their motto and who were really strong nationalists who wanted to preserve the Turkish empire, not to dissolve further the Turkish empire—allowed them to have a coup d'etat with minimal bloodshed and to seize power illegally from the elected government in 1913.

And so from 1913 onward, the Ottoman Empire is ruled by this clique—ultra-nationalist, right-wing clique—of Young Turks that is led by, but not limited to, three individuals that are referred to as the triumvirate, that included the Minister of War, or Military Affairs, Enver Bey, or Enver Pasha the Minister of the Interior, Talaat Bey, who became then the honorific title of Pasha. And the third was the Minister of the Navy, or Marine, who was also the commander of an army in Syria, Djemal Pasha. These three individuals, plus others around them, known as the Young Turks—Young Turk secret—not secret, but tightly knit central committee that made most of the decisions.

It's very much like any other dictatorial country, you have a formal government—there's a government of the USSR, and then there's the Communist Party. There's the government of Germany, and then there's the Nazi Party. There's a government of the Ottoman Empire, and then there's the Young Turk Party. And in all cases, it's the parties who are making the decisions, and the governments are just sort of window dressing for the parties. And actually, there is a great, also, interchange between the two, because sometimes they are the same individuals, both in party and in state.

And so it is this group that decides, as the war clouds do gather in Europe, that in case of a new World War—not a new World War. In case of a major world conflict, in which Germany is involved, Germany will certainly be the victor because Germany now, with Bismarck, has united all the Germanic regions, has become a major industrial power, has been able to challenge the British on the seas, and looks like everything is going for it. And so that is the country to link up with, especially if that country is going to go to war with Russia, a traditional enemy, because extreme and extensive territories have been lost to Russia and to its surrogates: the Serbs, the Bulgarians, the Romanians, the Greeks. And so if we side with the Germans, we have this as this golden opportunity to win back much of these territories that we once had and had been lost.

Young Turks

The Young Turks were a Turkish nationalist reform party, officially known as the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) &mdash in Turkish the Ittihad ve Terakki Cemiyeti &mdash whose leaders led a rebellion against Sultan Abdul Hamid II (who was officially deposed and exiled in 1909). They ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1908 until the end of World War I in November 1918.

The Young Turks had their origins in secret societies of progressive university students and military cadets, driven underground along with all political dissent after the constitution was abrogated by the Sultan. Like their European forerunners, such as the carbonari of the Italian Risorgimento, they typically formed cells, of which only one member might be connected to another cell. From the spontaneous bloodless revolution in Saloniki that led to the old pasha's resignation, the CUP was a force to be reckoned with.

In 1913, as the government was losing the Second Balkan War, the CUP seized power. The CUP-led government was headed by minister of interior/Grand Vizier, Talat Paşa (1874&ndash1921). Working with him were minister of war Enver Paşa, (1881&ndash1922) and minister of navy Cemal Paşa, (1872&ndash1922). Until German archives were opened, historians treated the CUP government as a dictatorial triumvirate now it appears that the party was riven by internal dissent and loosely guided by a large directorate of the party's central committee. Ottoman territory was splintering away at the edges: Bosnia-Herzegovina annexed by Austria-Hungary (1908), Libya and the island of Rhodes by Italy (1912), a rebellion in Albania, rumors of French designs on Syria. With the example of Egypt as a warning, the Young Turks needed to modernize the Empire's communications and transportation networks (which still relied on camel caravans), without putting themselves in the hands of European conglomerates and non-Muslim bankers. Europeans already owned the paltry railroad system (5,991 km of single-track railroads in the whole of the Ottoman dominions in 1914) and since 1881 administration of the defaulted Ottoman foreign debt had been in European hands. The Ottomon Empire was virtually an economic colony.

Rebuffed elsewhere by the major European powers, the Young Turks, through highly secret diplomatic negotiations, led the Ottoman Empire to ally herself with Berlin during World War I. The Empire's role as an ally of the Central Powers is part of the history of that war. With the collapse of Bulgaria and Germany's capitulation, the Ottomon Empire was isolated. On October 13, 1918, Talat and the CUP ministry resigned, and an armistice was signed aboard a British battleship in the Aegean at the end of the month. On November 2, Enver, Talat and Cemal, with their German allies, escaped from Constantinople into exile.

Public assurances of equal treatment for the Empire's non-Muslim minorities that had been given in 1908 had evaporated once the Young Turks were in power. Even among the Islamic majority, it was the Turkish-speaking segment of the Empire that was in control. In 1915 the Young Turks came down hard on Arabic secret societies in Damascus, as well as persecuting the Armenian minority between 1915 and 1918 (see Armenian Genocide for details). Soghomon Tehlirian, whose family was killed in the Armenian genocide, assassinated the exiled Talat in Berlin and was subsequently acquitted after a jury trial. Cemal was similarly killed by Stepan Dzaghikian, Bedros Der Boghosian and Ardashes Kevorkian in Tbilisi, Georgia. Enver was killed in combat against the Red Army near Baldzhuan in Tajikistan (then Turkistan).

Since 1908, "Young Turks" has become a nickname for any brash group of young usurpers and subsequently passed into general usage: eg "Ash were the Young Turks of the Britpop scene". The term's association with the Armenian genocide, as details of the massacres eventually surfaced, has caused it to fall out of favor.

This usage is likely also the foundation for the title of the Rod Stewart hit song from the early 1980s.

Young Turks’ Kyle Kulinski Has History of Racist Tweets

Kyle Kulinski, the 30-year-old host of Secular Talk, which airs on the far-left Young Turks YouTube network, has a disturbing history of racist tweets, reports the Gateway Pundit.

The news about Kulinski comes just weeks after Young Turks co-founder, Cenk Uygur, was forced to apologize after TheWrap discovered a series of old but troubling blog posts written by Uyger that many interpreted as misogynist. The fallout from this report resulted in Uygur resigning from Justice Democrats, a political PAC he co-founded.

Kulinski is also a co-founder of the Justice Democrats PAC and also resigned with Uygur back in December.

On his verified twitter account, starting in 2011 and ending in 2016, Kulinski shared a number of thoughts that Kulinski himself would almost certainly condemn as racist, sexist, and homophobic had they come from anyone on the right.

About the singer Kesha, Kulinski wrote, “#kesha needs 2 say fuck it & just make a song called ‘I’m a whore.'”

Another tweet reads, “Who sucked more dicks in their life, Madonna or Britney Spears?”

In a tweet dated September of 2011, Kulisnki called a “loud mouth Italian lady” a “cunt” for “blasting her iPod” in a waiting room.

There are three examples of the Young Turks star using the N-word. Kulinski is not black.

Kulinski seems to enjoy mocking Asians as a group. One tweet reads, “All Asians look the same.” Another declares: “#ThingsWeAllHate Asian drivers.”

In June of 2016, Kulinski tweeted to someone, “thanks, faggot.”

Despite his own history, Kulisnki still spends a lot of his time self-righteously attacking people on the right for being racist.

What is interesting, though, is that a good faith search of his complaints about “racist” conservatives found nothing even begins to compare with Kulinski’s slurs against Asians, or his inexplicable use of the words “faggot” and “nigga.”

Like many on the left, Kulinski interprets political disagreements as racist, even as he is guilty of engaging in what can only be seen as actual racism.

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Young Turks - History

There is a historical &ldquoeight hundred pound gorilla&rdquo lurking in the background of almost every serious military and diplomatic incident involving Israel, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Greece, Armenia, the Kurds, the Assyrians, and some other players in the Middle East and southeastern Europe. It is a factor that is generally only whispered about at diplomatic receptions, news conferences, and think tank sessions due to the explosiveness and controversial nature of the subject. And it is the secretiveness attached to the subject that has been the reason for so much misunderstanding about the current breakdown in relations between Israel and Turkey, a growing warming of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and increasing enmity between Saudi Arabia and Iran&hellip

Although known to historians and religious experts, the centuries-old political and economic influence of a group known in Turkish as the &ldquoDönmeh&rdquo is only beginning to cross the lips of Turks, Arabs, and Israelis who have been reluctant to discuss the presence in Turkey and elsewhere of a sect of Turks descended from a group of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th and 17th centuries. These Jewish refugees from Spain were welcomed to settle in the Ottoman Empire and over the years they converted to a mystical sect of Islam that eventually mixed Jewish Kabbala and Islamic Sufi semi-mystical beliefs into a sect that eventually championed secularism in post-Ottoman Turkey. It is interesting that &ldquoDönmeh&rdquo not only refers to the Jewish &ldquountrustworthy converts&rdquo to Islam in Turkey but it is also a derogatory Turkish word for a transvestite, or someone who is claiming to be someone they are not.

The Donmeh sect of Judaism was founded in the 17th century by Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, a Kabbalist who believed he was the Messiah but was forced to convert to Islam by Sultan Mehmet IV, the Ottoman ruler. Many of the rabbi&rsquos followers, known as Sabbateans, but also &ldquocrypto-Jews,&rdquo publicly proclaimed their Islamic faith but secretly practiced their hybrid form of Judaism, which was unrecognized by mainstream Jewish rabbinical authorities. Because it was against their beliefs to marry outside their sect, the Dönmeh created a rather secretive sub-societal clan.

The Dönmeh rise to power in Turkey

Many Dönmeh, along with traditional Jews, became powerful political and business leaders in Salonica. It was this core group of Dönmeh, which organized the secret Young Turks, also known as the Committee of Union and Progress, the secularists who deposed Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II in the 1908 revolution, proclaimed the post-Ottoman Republic of Turkey after World War I, and who instituted a campaign that stripped Turkey of much of its Islamic identity after the fall of the Ottomans. Abdulhamid II was vilified by the Young Turks as a tyrant, but his only real crime appears to have been to refuse to meet Zionist leader Theodore Herzl during a visit to Constantinople in 1901 and reject Zionist and Dönmeh offers of money in return for the Zionists to be granted control of Jerusalem.

Like other leaders who have crossed the Zionists, Sultan Adulhamid II appears to have sealed his fate with the Dönmeh with this statement to his Ottoman court: &ldquoAdvise Dr. Herzl not to take any further steps in his project. I cannot give away even a handful of the soil of this land for it is not my own, it belongs to the entire Islamic nation. The Islamic nation fought jihad for the sake of this land and had watered it with their blood. The Jews may keep their money and millions. If the Islamic Khalifate state is one day destroyed then they will be able to take Palestine without a price! But while I am alive, I would rather push a sword into my body than see the land of Palestine cut and given away from the Islamic state.&rdquo After his ouster by Ataturk&rsquos Young Turk Dönmeh in 1908, Abdulhamid II was jailed in the Donmeh citadel of Salonica. He died in Constantinople in 1918, three years after Ibn Saud agreed to a Jewish homeland in Palestine and one year after Lord Balfour deeded Palestine away to the Zionists in his letter to Baron Rothschild.

One of the Young Turk leaders in Salonica was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. When Greece achieved sovereignty over Salonica in 1913, many Dönmeh, unsuccessful at being re-classified Jewish, moved to Constantinople, later re-named Istanbul. Others moved to Izmir, Bursa, and Ataturk&rsquos newly-proclaimed capital and future seat of Ergenekon power, Ankara.

Some texts suggest that the Dönmeh numbered no more than 150,000 and were mainly found in the army, government, and business. However, other experts suggest that the Dönmeh may have represented 1.5 million Turks and were even more powerful than believed by many and extended to every facet of Turkish life. One influential Donmeh, Tevfik Rustu Arak, was a close friend and adviser to Ataturk and served as Turkey&rsquos Foreign Minister from 1925 to 1938.

Ataturk, who was reportedly himself a Dönmeh, ordered that Turks abandon their own Muslim-Arabic names. The name of the first Christian emperor of Rome, Constantine, was erased from the largest Turkish city, Constantinople. The city became Istanbul, after the Ataturk government in 1923 objected to the traditional name. There have been many questions about Ataturk&rsquos own name, since &ldquoMustapha Kemal Ataturk&rdquo was a pseudonym. Some historians have suggested that Ataturk adopted his name because he was a descendant of none other than Rabbi Zevi, the self-proclaimed Messiah of the Dönmeh! Ataturk also abolished Turkey&rsquos use of the Arabic script and forced the country to adopt the western alphabet.

Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh

Ataturk&rsquos suspected strong Jewish roots, information about which was suppressed for decades by a Turkish government that forbade anything critical of the founder of modern Turkey, began bubbling to the surface, first, mostly outside of Turkey and in publications written by Jewish authors. The 1973 book, The Secret Jews, by Rabbi Joachim Prinz, maintains that Ataturk and his finance minister, Djavid Bey, were both committed Dönmeh and that they were in good company because &ldquotoo many of the Young Turks in the newly formed revolutionary Cabinet prayed to Allah, but had their real prophet [Sabbatai Zevi, the Messiah of Smyrna].&rdquo In The Forward of January 28, 1994, Hillel Halkin wrote in The New York Sun that Ataturk recited the Jewish Shema Yisrael (&ldquoHear O Israel&rdquo), saying that it was &ldquomy prayer too.&rdquo The information is recounted from an autobiography by journalist Itamar Ben-Avi, who claims Ataturk, then a young Turkish army captain, revealed he was Jewish in a Jerusalem hotel bar one rainy night during the winter of 1911. In addition, Ataturk attended the Semsi Effendi grade school in Salonica, run by a Dönmeh named Simon Zevi. Halkin wrote in the New York Sun article about an email he received from a Turkish colleague: &ldquoI now know &ndash know (and I haven&rsquot a shred of doubt) &ndash that Ataturk&rsquos father&rsquos family was indeed of Jewish stock.&rdquo

It was Ataturk&rsquos and the Young Turks&rsquo support for Zionism, the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, after World War I and during Nazi rule in Europe that endeared Turkey to Israel and vice versa. An article in The Forward of May 8, 2007, revealed that Dönmeh dominated Turkish leadership &ldquofrom the president down, as well as key diplomats . . . and a great part of Turkey&rsquos military, cultural, academic, economic, and professional elites&rdquo kept Turkey out of a World War II alliance with Germany, and deprived Hitler of a Turkish route to the Baku oilfields.&rdquo In his book, The Donme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries and Secular Turks, Professor Marc David Baer wrote that many advanced to exalted positions in the Sufi religious orders.

Israel has always been reluctant to describe the Turkish massacre of the Armenians by the Turks in 1915 as &ldquogenocide.&rdquo It has always been believed that the reason for Israel&rsquos reticence was not to upset Israel&rsquos close military and diplomatic ties with Turkey. However, more evidence is being uncovered that the Armenian genocide was largely the work of the Dönmeh leadership of the Young Turks. Historians like Ahmed Refik, who served as an intelligence officer in the Ottoman army, averred that it was the aim of the Young Turks to destroy the Armenians, who were mostly Christian. The Young Turks, under Ataturk&rsquos direction, also expelled Greek Christians from Turkish cities and attempted to commit a smaller-scale genocide of the Assyrians, who were also mainly Christian.

One Young Turk from Salonica, Mehmet Talat, was the official who carried out the genocide of the Armenians and Assyrians. A Venezuelan mercenary who served in the Ottoman army, Rafael de Nogales Mendez, noted in his annals of the Armenian genocide that Talat was known as the &ldquorenegade Hebrew of Salonica.&rdquo Talat was assassinated in Germany in 1921 by an Armenian whose entire family was lost in the genocide ordered by the &ldquorenegade Hebrew.&rdquo It is believed by some historians of the Armenian genocide that the Armenians, known as good businessmen, were targeted by the business-savvy Dönmeh because they were considered to be commercial competitors.

It is not, therefore, the desire to protect the Israeli-Turkish alliance that has caused Israel to eschew any interest in pursuing the reasons behind the Armenian genocide, but Israel&rsquos and the Dönmeh&rsquos knowledge that it was the Dönmeh leadership of the Young Turks that not only murdered hundreds of thousands of Armenians and Assyrians but who also stamped out Turkey&rsquos traditional Muslim customs and ways. Knowledge that it was Dönmeh, in a natural alliance with the Zionists of Europe, who were responsible for the deaths of Armenian and Assyrian Christians, expulsion from Turkey of Greek Orthodox Christians, and the cultural and religious eradication of Turkish Islamic traditions, would issue forth in the region a new reality. Rather than Greek and Turkish Cypriots living on a divided island, Armenians holding a vendetta against the Turks, and Greeks and Turks feuding over territory, all the peoples attacked by the Dönmeh would realize that they had a common foe that was their actual persecutor.

Challenging Dönmeh rule: Turkey&rsquos battle against the Ergenekon

It is the purging of the Kemalist adherents of Ataturk and his secular Dönmeh regime that is behind the investigation of the Ergenekon conspiracy in Turkey. Ergenekon&rsquos description matches up completely with the Dönmeh presence in Turkey&rsquos diplomatic, military, judicial, religious, political, academic, business, and journalist hierarchy. Ergenekon attempted to stop the reforms instituted by successive non-Dönmeh Turkish leaders, including the re-introduction of traditional Turkish Islamic customs and rituals, by planning a series of coups, some successful like that which deposed Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan&rsquos Refah (Welfare) Islamist government in 1996 and some unsuccessful, like OPERATION SLEDGEHEMMER, which was aimed at deposing Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2003. Some Islamist-leaning reformists, including Turkish President Turgut Ozal and Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, died under suspicious circumstances. Deposed democratically-elected Prime Minister Adnan Menderes was hanged in 1961, following a military coup.

American politicians and journalists, whose knowledge of the history of countries like Turkey and the preceding Ottoman Empire, is often severely lacking, have painted the friction between Israel&rsquos government and the Turkish government of Prime Minister Erdogan as based on Turkey&rsquos drift to Islamism and the Arab world. Far from it, Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) seem to have finally seen a way to break free from the domination and cruelty of the Dönmeh, whether in the form of Kemalist followers of Ataturk or nationalist schemers and plotters in Ergenekon. But with Turkey&rsquos &ldquoIndependence Day&rdquo has come vitriol from the Dönmeh and their natural allies in Israel and the Israel Lobby in the United States and Europe. Turkey as a member of the European Union was fine for Europe as long as the Dönmeh remained in charge and permitted Turkey&rsquos wealth to be looted by central bankers like has occurred in Greece.

When Israel launched its bloody attack on the Turkish Gaza aid vessel, the Mavi Marmara, on May 31, 2010, the reason was not so much the ship&rsquos running of the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The brutality of the Israelis in shooting unarmed Turks and one Turkish-American, some at point blank range, according to a UN report, indicated that Israel was motivated by something else: vengeance and retaliation for the Turkish government&rsquos crackdown on Ergenekon, the purging of the Turkish military and intelligence senior ranks of Dönmeh, and reversing the anti-Muslim religious and cultural policies set down by the Dönmeh&rsquos favorite son, Ataturk, some ninety years before. In effect, the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara was in retaliation for Turkey&rsquos jailing of several top Turkish military officers, journalists, and academics, all accused of being part of the Ergenekon plot to overthrow the AKP government in 2003. Hidden in the Ergenekon coup plot is that the Dönmeh and Ergenekon are connected through their history of being Kemalists, ardent secularists, pro-Israeli, and pro-Zionist.

Why Cenk Uygur Needs to Dump the Name ‘The Young Turks’ (Guest Blog)

As a student attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Cenk Uygur penned a paper in which he denied the Armenian Genocide. In his 1991 missive “Historical Fact or Falsehood?” — published in The Daily Pennsylvanian — Uygur argued that the claims of an Armenian Genocide were not based on historical facts and concluded that it was grounded in propaganda.

Uygur joined a dubious club of Turkish apologists who continue to deny the Armenian Genocide, despite historical evidence and eye-witness accounts in what many scholars believe to be the first genocide of the 20th century. While many Americans undoubtedly know little about this part of Uygur’s life, they do know him as the founder and host of the widely popular political and opinion talk show, “The Young Turks.” And if they were to dig deeper, they would find out that the show is named after the architects of the Armenian Genocide.

The Young Turks is often referred to as the reform movement within the Ottoman Empire that sought to replace an absolute monarchy with a constitutional government. The term has been popularized over the years to describe groups of people who are progressive in thought while seeking radical reform. But for families like mine, it represents the worst in human nature. After all, it was The Young Turks who engineered and systemically killed more than 1.5 million Armenians through wholesale massacres and deportations. To this day, Turkey denies any culpability in the Armenian Genocide and has embarked on a decades-long campaign to dismiss and question its validity.

As a grandson to survivors of the Armenian Genocide, I find the name reprehensible and highly insensitive. It’s one of the reasons why the Armenian-American community has campaigned relentlessly and pushed Uygur to change the name of his show to no avail. Sticking to his guns, Uygur has defended the name and has insisted that the name of the show has nothing to do with the Armenian Genocide. But given his history of denial, we should be skeptical of his candor and interpretation of the show’s meaning. When pressed about it, Uygur has claimed that he has come around on this issue and has disavowed his statements and opinions on the veracity of the Armenian Genocide. But if he truly feels that way, then why doesn’t he change the name of the show considering how offensive it means to Armenian-Americans? It only sows more doubt about his true feelings and questions the authenticity behind his apparent epiphany.

The irony behind the name is that “The Young Turks” purports to be a progressive, left-leaning show. But it’s tantamount to naming a program after the Third Reich, Khmer Rogue or the United States of the Confederacy — names that hardly connote open-minded thinking. To his credit, Uygur has built and created a show that reaches a wide and broad audience through emerging media platforms like YouTube and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In some ways, his success has come at the expense of Armenian Genocide recognition. The show’s ubiquity is a constant and stark reminder of how far we still need to go in seeking justice and changing public perception. There should be little room or nuance in defending a name that represents and marks one of the darkest chapters in world history. We shouldn’t be celebrating that past, but rather admonishing it.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve witnessed our country finally coming to grips with systemic racism. Through the Black Lives Matter protests and movement, we’re seeing a groundswell of interest in reprioritizing our history and what that symbolism means for our future. Whether it’s redesigning flags that feature the Confederate flag or tearing down statues and renaming military bases after Confederate generals, this reckoning should also be applied to “The Young Turks.” Symbolism can play a large role in how we see ourselves as a society and simply changing names can make a difference.

Acknowledging that we were wrong and are willing to learn from the past can be constructive so that we never repeat it again. It’s not something we can wish away and hope that it finds its way into the dustbin of history.

Uygur still has a chance to be on the right side of history. If he truly believes in the ethos of progressivism then he’ll change the name of his show and make things right. It’s often said that the last stage of genocide is denial. That’s why it’s vitally important that we make recognition of the Armenian Genocide a priority. Honoring those responsible for genocide doesn’t help in those efforts. Names matter.

What were the Causes of the Young Turk Revolution?

Abdul Hamid II ascended the throne of Turkey in 1873. He introduced a liberal constitution in the country in 1876 but soon he had to take back this constitution which remained in abeyance for more than thirty years due to the opposition to it by the reactionaries.

Turkey had to be deprived of much of her territory in the treaty of Berlin and discontent and chaos prevailed in the country due to foreign intervention. The people of the Balkans were another source of terror and stir in Turkey.

She was also afraid of national awakening in Asian countries. Abdul Hamid adopted a policy of divide and rule towards the Balkan states and himself took advantage of the situation.

He welcomed the visit of William Kaiser II to Turkey in 1889 and 1899 but he never surrendered all of his powers and resources to one single person.

But the condition of the country began to deteriorate, which alarmed the young Turks who were dissatisfied with the Sultan due to the defects in the administration. In short, the following causes contributed to the outbreak of the Young Turk Revolution.

1. Abdul Hamid ruled over Turkey from 1873 to 1909. His liberal constitution of 1876 was opposed by the reactionaries. Hence he resorted to violence which created chaos and discontent in the country.

2. The big powers of Europe were against Turkey and wanted her extinction. Hence he got apprehensive of them.

3. The rise of nationalism in the Balkans inspired Rumania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro to achieve freedom and cast away the yoke of Turkish empire.

4. The Turkish Sultan adopted an autocratic policy towards his subjects. There were several defects in his administrative system which created stir among the people and they resorted to revolution.

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